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Hi. I’m Sonia Solomonson, women’s renewal coach for Way2Grow Coaching. Because I’ve had so much change and so many moments of transformation in my life, I really believe in the energies of the caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly process.

I know about these moments of transformation from experience. Through divorce, I know the pain of relationship loss. Yet I also know what a turning point that became for me as I sought to learn lessons from the pain. My body changes as I age have also become points of change and transformation. Job disappointments as a journalist taught me to grieve and then redirect my career energies. Being Reduced In Force taught me lessons I could not have learned otherwise. Devastated at first, I learned to create new dreams and move on.

Through it all I’ve discovered that some workplaces and relationships can become cocoons where we get stuck. I’ve been stuck several times and needed help moving on. I’ve learned that moving on can bring more passion and energy than I knew possible.

All of us have within us the potential to become butterflies. We just need to lose the cocoons once they’ve served their purpose. And we need to be ready to move with change once it enters our lives. Perhaps the best really is yet to come. Who knows? It might be within reach right now!

I’m a mother and grandmother. I cherish relationships. I know the richness of having partners and companions on the journey. And I’m ready to be a companion for part of your journey. I’d love to see you get where you want to be!

I’m a lifelong learner, and those difficult times in my life became transformative. I learned lessons I otherwise might not have discovered. I know that losses can become teachers. I know that we women are capable of so much more than we think.

I’m passionate about helping women create the life they really want—and become what they were created to be. Are you one of those searchers? Let’s find your unique answers to those questions of who you are and what’s next. I get jazzed when I move toward my best self—and when I help other women get what they desire, too. I don’t give advice. butterflyI listen to you and help you discover your own wisdom and answers, set and meet goals one small step at a time, and celebrate the emergence of your inner butterfly!

When we work together, here’s what you can expect:

  • I will listen deeply and ask you questions until you discover your best solutions and next steps.
  • I will help you set and meet your goals.
  • I will encourage and support you in your choices.
  • I will be your accountability partner.
  • I will keep your information confidential.

Please send me my three free gifts

I invite you on a journey to discover the different energies you can tap into in each of the butterfly’s stages. My free guide, “ 10 Signs of Caterpillar Energy: I'm Ready for Change!” will tell you about that stage; and the quiz that follows it will tell you whether you’re absolutely ready to risk becoming that butterfly. My other free guides (which you can download one after another) are: “Cocoon Energy: Preparing for Transition” and “Butterfly Energy: I Feel So Light and Beautiful.”

Life Coach Certification from Coach Training Alliance

Sonia C. Solomonson
Certified Life Coach
Way2Grow Coaching


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